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Funk Not Fight!
Official Music Video


Released On May 11, 2023 as the first song of the Funk Not Fight Album


Cleveland Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.   

#1 Funkateer with the
Album of the Year. 


June 17, 2024 - Track List:

-Album of the Year #1 Funkateer - feat. Myra Washington and Bootdullivan
-So Soopafly - feat. Ouiwey Collins, Kokane, and Daz Dillinger

-The Influencers - feat. Westcoast Stone, Wiz Khalifa, Dave Stewart, Snoop Dogg, and Fantaazma
-Bubble Pop - Ice Cube, FANTAAZMA, and Brother Nature
-Fishnets -  feat. Myra Washington, Kurupt, and Daz
-Satellite -  feat. Dave Stewart and Brother Nature
-The JB’s Tribute -  feat. Harry Mack, Clyde Stubblefield, John (Jabo) Starks and Fred Wesley
-Ubiquitous - feat. Casper the Funked up Ghost and Kid Talk (Explicit)
-Hondo P -  feat. FANTAAZMA and Snoop Dogg
-Chicken & Fries - feat. Soopafly, Myra Washington, BABY TRIGGY, and FANTAAZMA
-Anybody Out There -  feat. Myra Washington and Brother Nature
-Pure Perfection -  feat. FANTAAZMA, Giz, and Bedroom Bootsy
-Barbie T & Me -  feat. Barbie T and Zillatron
-BeWild -  feat. Alex Belle, Isis V, and Brother Nature
-Alien Flytrap -  feat. Dave Stewart and Bootdullivan





Bootsy Collins honored as a Legend & Icon - Atlanta, GA
May 18, 2024

2024 Black Music Honors

Washington Mystics
Center Court

Bootsy and Patti bring Funk Not Fight to Center Court at the Washington Mystics game - June 7, 2024

Austin 4 Peace


March 2024

SXSW in Austin, TX


Cleveland & Compton

The Influencers
The Influencers (Official Music Video) ft. Westcoast Stone, Wiz Khalifa, Dave Stewart, Snoop Dogg, Fantaazma
Released March 2024 at SXSW in Austin, TX

Sandy Hook Promise
June 5, 2024

Special Guests Bootsy & Patti Collins stood on their promise to stand with co-founder Marc Barden at the 2024 Sandy Hook Promise Gala with the mission to Funk Not Fight!  

Pictures include: Marc Barden and Congresswoman Lucy McBath

Space Ships & Dreams


New Children's Album - See Bootsy Collins and Megan Piphus

featured and performing on the Kelly Clarkson Show.

The National Release
Funk Not Fight Movement


On May 11, 2023 we brought the Funk to Cleveland!   The release of the Funk Not Fight Movement and the first song of the Funk Not Fight Album took place at the Cleveland Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.   Area leaders and community members joined us for an afternoon of awareness, conversation, solutions and Funk as area entertainers took to the stage to remind us of the Power of The One! 

Funk Not Fight in
the Motor City!


When Bootsy hit the stage to introduce #FunkNotFight

Funk'in it up in Detroit, MI!  

Funked Up the Streets of Compton, CA!

Compton Rally 4 Peace


December 30, 2023!  

Compton's Peace 


Newly sworn in Peace Ambassadors. Congratulations on being appointed as a Peace Ambassador! Your dedication to promoting harmony and understanding is truly commendable. Wishing you continued success in fostering peace and positive change. @followers Everyone #FUNKNOTFIGHT


Cleveland's Safe Space
Leo's Casino Arts & Music Collaboratory


The Bootsy Collins Foundation has officially designated Leo's Casino Arts & Music Collaboratory as the Funk Not Fight Safe Space led by Funk Extraordinaires, Mr. Ron Fuqua and Dr. Fred Wheatt!.  Serving the communities of Cleveland and surrounding inner ring suburbs.  Click here for more information. 


Funk Not Fight Safe Spaces host a network offering a variety of programs designed to strengthen the foundation of children and young adults in the community who are at risk for violence.   In collaboration with area schools, city officials, the judicial systems and law enforcement, the Funk Not Fight Initiative links those in need to counselors, parenting forums, community resources, mental health services and more along with a variety of performing arts activities designed to allow children and young adults explore their passion.  We've got the Funk!  

Compton Peace Maker
Speaks To The Streets


December 30, 2023 - U r in charge of Change within U for the New Year. If Big BA can do it, u can do it too.🫡 Funk Not Fight was a delight in Compton. Thx u for supporting Compton Rally 4 Peace. Grooveminte Girls #peppermintepatti #FUNKNOTFIGHT Beka Bishop Dr Dre Compton Rally 4 Peace Myra Washington Page Baby Triggy FredWreck
Bootsy baby!!!🤩

Compton Gallery of Photos


December 30, 2023!  

Cleveland Photo Gallery
National Movement Release


May 11, 2023

Funkin' in Cinci

Uncle Bootsy and Snoop Dogg Funkin'

around behind the scenes in Cincinnati, OH


Launched in Cincinnati in August, 2023

Pepperminte Patti Collins - This new national children’s program educates children on how to handle violence and bullying.

This program consists of activities and lessons designed to teach children life-long lessons to be leaders in their environments.